Narrative Short Film

Due to the death of her mother, Elsa enters her apartment for the first time after years of radio silence. While the funeral has to be organized and the household has to be dissolved, Elsa tries to come to terms with the situation. But the presence of Judith in particular stirs her up - the caregiver who accompanied her mother to her death. A stranger to her, who nevertheless seems to have known her mother more than she had...

Director - Sophie Marie Mühe
Screenplay by - Sophie Marie Mühe & Beatrix Rinke
Production - Hochschule für Fernsehen und Film München
Producers - Luisa Eichler, Natalie Seraphim, Kirsten Wehr
DOP - Samuel Zerbato
Gaffer - Nikolai Knoblauch
1. AC - Malte Pell
Colorist - Nicholas Coleman

Canon C300 MkIII with Zeiss Contax Lenses
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