Eleven Tomorrows - Berlinale meets Fußball


With the compilation film Elf Mal Morgen: Berlinale Meets Football, the Berlinale participated in the cultural program for the 2024 European Football Championship in Germany. Eleven documentary short films about eleven very different youth teams were commissioned for the project, which were realized by students of the University of Television and Film Munich under the direction of Benedetta Films. Together with director Indira Geisel and the team of SV 67 Weinberg, I worked on one of the film's segments, 'Miteinander Reden'.

Director - Indira Geisel
Production Company - Benedetta Films in collaboration with HFF Munich
Producers - Camille Tricaud, Felix Herrmann, Max Bungarten
Director of Photography - Samuel Zerbato
Original Music - Arezou Rezaei
Editing - Indira Geisel, Lukas Mutschler

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